Friday, February 6, 2009

Best Time to Buyer

Best Time to Buy:

1. Best selection of resale homes in over a decade.

2. Less likely to be in a competing offer/negotiating situation.

3. More time to make a selection.

4. Sellers are more flexible to accommodate buyer requests (e.g. closing dates, chattels)

5. Sellers are offering more incentives to get buyers' attention.

6. Opportunity for an above-average return when the market comes back.

7. Best mortgage rates in over a quarter of a century.

Best Time to Sell:
1. Less competition prior to the Spring market when inventory always rises.

2. Better quality buyer prospects - those shopping now are more motivated.

3. Sellers will have more time to look when they receive an offer.

4. Sellers will have a good selection of homes to choose from when buying their next home.

5. They may sell for less, but they also buy for less - it's all relative.

The greater the boom, the greater the recession, and the deeper the recession, the stronger the return.

Most people don't start to feel the effects of a recession until it is already in full force. The same
thing happens with a correction, we often don't feel the effects until we are well on our way to
recovery. Why this is important is because it will soon be time for your clients to buy if they
want to receive the greatest return on their purchase. Most people buy when the market is hot
and sell when the market is cold, but shrewd investors make fortunes buying when the market
is soft and selling when it heats up again.

Remember that real estate is an investment and in the long run it always exceeds the inflation
rate. Real estate is responsible for creating more millionaires and wealth than any other
investment or industry. The smart buyers are in the market and looking NOW!

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